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When It Comes to Gift Giving – Ephemera Goes a Long Way

Thanksgiving is one of those holidays that is like taking a deep breath before the rush of the hectic buying season begins.  We all know what it is to agonize over giving a gift that will have a special meaning, and if we are to believe the hype we hear as the buying season approaches, we’d better hurry, worry and scurry or we’ll be filled with regret.   This often leads to troops of people showing up for sales of popular items like big screen televisions, new phones and electronics that will be the envy of our friends and neighbors, but can you really call them a present?  If you’re searching for something that will have more meaning than the latest electronic gizmo, take a look at the items offered for sale at Abe Books.  They have a large selection of books of all types from new editions, rare editions, text books and more.  They have books on a wide range of subjects, some signed first editions by famous authors and a substantial collection of ephemera.

Ephemera might not be the first thing you’d think of as an appropriate gift, but for someone who loves graphics, posters, memorabilia or is searching for that special item to add to their collection, a flier from a historic concert that marked a turning point in their youth would mean everything.  Some people search high and low for old postcards, broadsides, lobby cards or other items that fall into the category of ephemera.  Ephemera is defined as things that were designed and produced for short term use – like tickets, programs, posters, greeting cards, lists, banners and the like.  Abe Books has a large selection you can browse where you just might find the item that connects to someone on your list and will have personal meaning.

You can find a one-inch map of England and Wales, a menu from the Grand Hotel de Russie or vintage stamps from the United States.  For someone who has redecorated their home, a gift of framed ephemera from Abe Books would be the perfect touch.  If they love sports, politics, popular culture, cooking or history, Abe Books should be the first place you search for a special edition from the section they love or ephemera that relates to it.  When you do, be sure to search Groupon so you can save money on your purchase by applying a coupon code.  You don’t have to print out the coupon at all, just use the code when you shop from your smart phone.  But you might want to keep a copy in case it makes a great piece of ephemera for a gift in the future.


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